Nightrage – Starless Night


Nightrage – Wolf To Man


Nightrage – Embrace The Nightrage

NIGHTRAGE is back with their eighth album “Wolf To Man”, where the band invites us to a mesmerizing melodic musical journey, telling the truthful story that guides us all the way to the inevitable demise of mankind. The music delivers a delicate and well-balanced blend between brutality and melody, and also an intricate mix of thrashing riffs, airy instrumentals and hooking choruses to bang your fists to. ‘Wolf To Man’ will be released March 29th via Despotz Records.

The creative power trinity of Marios, Ronnie and Magnus started the conceptional dive into the darkest parts of humanity on the previous album “Venomous”, with “Wolf To Man” the band takes the listeners to the next chapter and to a whole new level. Armed with savage thrashing songs like ‘By Darkness Drawn’, heavy groovy rockers like ‘The Damned’ or the brutal title track ‘Wolf To Man’ leaving no ears unharmed. Nightrage is once again ready to conquer the world, this time reinforced with new blood in the ranks. Francisco Escalona – Bass and Dino George Stamoglou – Drums, former trusted touring musicians for the band that now earned their place as solid members alongside Marios, Magnus and Ronnie. A welcome addition that makes the Nightrage family stronger than ever.

Nightrage about the upcoming album:
”Wolf To Man is a very varied album showing all sides of Nightrage, going from pure brutal “thrashers” with blast beats and furious tempos all the way into more groovy “airy” and open sounding songs. And all this without letting go of our trademark Nightrage melodies and hooks, still keeping our feet deeply grounded in our love for melodic death metal.” – Nightrage

This is the sequel of the relentless story of extinction that is told with as must aggression as there intriguing and mesmerizing melodies. Memorable hooks and some of the catchiest choruses that the metal scene have seen in decades, does nothing to compromise the brutality and honesty that NIGHTRAGE is known for.


Κυκλοφορίες / Releases:

  • Nightrage – Wolf To Man / 2019 / Album / Despotz Records
  • Nightrage – The Venomous / 2017 / Album / Despotz Records
  • Nightrage – The Puritan / 2015 / Album / Despotz Records
  • Nightrage – Insidious / 2011 / Album / Lifeforce Records
  • Nightrage – Wearing A Martyr’s Crown / 2009 / Album / Lifeforce Records
  • Nightrage – A New Disease Is Born / 2007 / Album / Lifeforce Records
  • Nightrage – Descent Into Chaos / 2005 / Album / Century Media
  • Nightrage – Sweet Vengeance / 2003 / Album / Century Media

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