Nasty Toys


Nasty Toys – Nervous Breakdown


Nasty Toys – These Boots Are Made For Walking


Nasty Toys – Wild At Heart

Nasty Toys started 5 years ago, when Niki (lead singer) and Fivos (guitar, vocals) met. They immediately felt a strong connection and passion for music which was expressed in the first songs they wrote.

Together with the bassist and dear friend Johnny (R.IP.) started writing and playing music and created Nasty Toys in September 2013.

Later their drummer Steve joined in and the band was active right away with shows around Greece.

A year later, in 2015, Niki and Fivos moved together in Vienna, Austria and started working on their first album.
Nasty toys moved back and forth, switching between members for a few years…members that played a huge part to the band’s sound and progress in many ways.

Their music influences were: strong emotions, good and bad times , long sleepless nights.

You can check us out on the following links:




Nasty Toys (@nastytoys) • Instagram photos and videos


Δισκογραφία / Discography:

  • Nasty Toys – Nasty Toys / 2017.

nasty toys

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