Mr. Clarinet


Mr. Clarinet – Nhice Castle


Mr. Clarinet – The SpinA

Mr. Clarinet is a dead man that can provide you the absolute experience of death through his sound. A treat from hell for the living!

Started off in 2018 as an experimental electronic psychic techno act using machines, instruments, objects and sounds from his unpleasant surroundings while recording on tape Mr. Clarinet had his first tape

The Spin’ released in June 2018 by Kinetik Records including two 30-minute tracks.

Now moving on, while a few more releases are on their way and as the sound is an endless trip to those who dig in, Mr. C will keep on providing the music of despair for the unhappy like a monkey, like a slave, like an insect.

Δισκογραφία / Discography:

  • Mr. Clarinet – The Spin. June 2018. Spomenik Tapes, Kinetik Records.

mr clarinet


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