Alien Mustangs


Alien Mustangs – Follow Me


Alien Mustangs – Going Nowhere


Alien Mustangs – Lsd


Alien Mustangs – Shadows


Alien Mustangs – Sleep

Alien Mustangs – Alienation

Thessaloniki natives ‘Alien Mustangs’ are something of a modern day enigma. Through their highly energetic and psychedelically infectious live shows coupled with a DIY release ethos and their anti-social media stance they have managed to thrive exponentially and create a debut album worth shouting about without the need for massive PR campaigns or an online presence. Their collective sound is the result of an inherent need to not follow the sonic norms and instead focus on breaking boundaries or pushing new sonic frontiers. Their brand of modern psych/space rock is deeply rooted in sixties garage whist pulling into the mix some modern influences such as Spacemen 3, Loop and The 13th Floor Elevators. ‘Alien Mustangs’ back catalogue consists of the ‘Pause/Red Tambourine’ 7 inch released in March 2013, the ‘River’ 10 inch EP released in May 2014 and ‘The Tape Sessions’ two-track, released exclusively on cassette in November 2015. This long overdue full length release brilliantly titled ‘Alienation’ was officially unleashed back on the 15th May 2018 via Sound Effect Records and is available to buy/download right now from


August’s serving of psychedelic delights from Eggs in Aspic comes from Greek sonic bliss drifters Alien Mustangs with the release of ‘Alienation’. As previously, pressed upon a super limited cassette, just 50 copies which judging from recently releases, is sure to sell out on pre-release in the blink of a third eye. From that set, two teaser tracks have been sent ahead, we here opting for the humongous 9 minute bliss bomb ‘follow me’ – a smoking slab of chemically hazed bong boogie of such mind altering detailing that we wouldn’t be none too surprised to hear of listeners getting high just from the hallucinogenic haziness rising from the ferric tape, reference wise try imagining a totally stoned youthful Black Angels and then some more.


Δισκογραφία / Discography:

  • Alien Mustangs – Red Tambourine / Pause. Mar 2013. 7” Single Ltd Numbered. Hands In Sand.

  • Alien Mustangs – The River. May 2014. 10” EP. Hands In Sand.

  • Alien Mustangs – The Tape Sessions. Nov 2015. Cass Ep Ltd. Krapp’s Tapes.

  • Alien Mustangs – Alienation. 2018. LP Album Ltd, Sound Effect Records. Cass Album Ltd, Eggs In Aspic.


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